Ellen Lobue

New York, New York Travel Agent

A Peaceful Retreat in the Grenadines

I recently went to Canouan Island, which is just south of St. Vincent in the Grenadines. It takes some effort to get there, but it is worth it. You have to fly into Barbados, and then take a small plane to the island. I went with my son, daughter-in-law and their two boys, and we stayed at the Mandarin Oriental, Canouan

It is a luxury resort, so it was very expensive, but it was worth every penny. My family and I had a wonderful time. My grandchildren loved our trip so much that almost as soon as we came home, they started asking if we could go back right away! Creating family memories with this kind of multi-generational travel is truly meaningful both to my clients and me.  

It was very beautiful and clean, very much like Bermuda. We went snorkeling and fishing, but mostly it was all about swimming and relaxation. Butler service, spacious villa accommodations, and excellent dining choices at our doorstep made it feel quite luxurious.  

I know some people like to go on adventures when they take beach vacations, but we prefer peace and quiet, and there was a lot of it there to enjoy.

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