Melissa Leon

New York, New York Travel Agent

Euphoric trip to India

Like every travel agent that I know, I adore traveling. When I’m not helping my clients book the vacation of their dreams, I love setting off to see the world around me. I believe that traveling not only helps provide me with inspiration for a client’s future itineraries, but it enables me to connect with cultures I’m not in touch with in my daily life. 

Recently, I embarked on a vacation to India for 10 days. I loved seeing the bright colors of the garments and smelling the delicious scents of traditional cooking everywhere I went. My favorite experience was probably my visit to Jama Masjid in Delhi. This is the largest mosque in India—it can accommodate as many as 25,000 worshippers during the call to prayer. I found my time there to be refreshing, both in the spiritual sense and culturally, and something that I would not have had the privilege of experiencing if I hadn’t traveled!

On my trip to India, I was able to travel to:  

  • Pradesh     
  • Uttarakhand     
  • Punjab     
  • Haryana   
  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Jammu     
  • Kashmir      
  • Delhi    
  • And Chandigarh

These Indian states and territories showed me how beautiful and diverse India is, and that was just from seeing areas in the northern half of the country! I’m planning a trip to see the southern regions of India, to fully complement my knowledge and experiences gained on this trip. I can’t wait to use this knowledge to help plan vacations for my clients in the future. 

Contact me today if you’re ready to begin planning your upcoming travel. I love creating itineraries and booking travel plans for clients who are ready to uncover unforgettable experiences around the globe.

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