Debbie Alkawas

New York, New York Travel Agent

Spectacular India

One of the most unforgettable travel experiences I have ever had was my visit to India. It was one of the most fascinating places I have ever seen. 

I traveled to several different parts of the country and stayed in luxury Oberoi hotels in all of them. The 5-star Oberoi Rajvilas, situated in the Pink City, Jaipur of Rajasthan was one of the most beautiful properties I have ever stayed in, with the most fantastic service and atmosphere and a jasmine scent throughout all the halls. The word “no” did not exist there. Almost anything you could imagine, they would bend over backward to get for you. It was almost like having a personal butler.

While I was there, I saw the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset, and the only word that does it justice is “spectacular.” I also visited Bombay and Delhi, and I noticed the same thing there as in Rajasthan: you could be in an elegant luxury hotel with every amenity and then right down the block, people are living in shanties. I was invited into one. Many of the marriages in India are arranged, and the father and mother in this home had wed at a very young age and had five children. I loved learning about what village life was like, and despite the culture shock, it was fascinating.

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