Tiffany Bowne

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

Breathtaking Bali

I know some travel agents who spend so much time planning vacations for others that they never take a break to enjoy the world! I always dedicate time to experience the world around me, both for researching destinations and travel suppliers to benefit my clients in the future, and to give me a chance to maintain my natural curiosity for the world around me. 

In fact, one of my favorite travel experiences was a recent trip to Bali. While this country is a top leisure destination, I chose to spend my time attending a show on luxury media. The glamorous event gave me more of an insight in to this destination, as well as other locations in Asia. This was the first all-Asia event in Bali of its kind, so I was fortunate to take part in this eye-opening event. 

Another trip that I was lucky enough to take part in was a 10-12-day vacation to South Africa. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did—I was out of my comfort zone exploring nature and wildlife, and I had never been to this destination before. Yet, I loved every minute of it. This was a truly spectacular region and I look forward to returning someday. It’s why I always say I’ll go anywhere once. After all, you might never know what you’re missing if you limit yourself to what you know or are used to! 

To this day, I write articles for local magazines to advertise travel and modern luxury vacations. I enjoy getting the opportunity to write about new locations to vacation in, or about luxury opportunities the readers might not have heard of otherwise. Educating the public on the world waiting to be explored is enjoyable for me, and I like knowing that it might spark a desire to travel in the readers. 

If you’re ready to explore the world, contact me today. I can work with you to develop your dream itinerary and help you discover new locations around the globe. 

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