Adam Storick

New York, New York Travel Agent


Being a corporate travel agent means going above and beyond to provide the best service and negotiating the best rates and value-added upgrades and amenities possible. Our agents average 30 years experience in the industry and I am proud of the service we offer. 

As a small agency affiliated with Tzell Travel, we can offer our clients the best of both worlds. We are a boutique agency in terms of the level of personalized attention and service, so our clients are not talking to a call center where they are a number on a sheet. At the same time, we have the buying power that comes with being affiliated with Tzell Travel Group and Travel Leaders. Plus, if there are cities a client’s travelers often visit, we can negotiate custom rates at their preferred properties. 

One of my favorite things is constructing the best routings and fares. That may sound dry, but once you understand how the airlines work, it’s like doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku—it’s a fun challenge. And even more, I love being able to tell a client that I was able to avoid having them make a long stopover or that they can fly in business or first class for the price of full-fare coach!   

Our clients are generally small to medium sized businesses. Many travel first class all the way; some have more restricted budgets, but all want the most for their money. That means, we need to be able to tell you that yes, for your flight to Asia, you will have an absolutely flat-bed seat, and yes, you are saving 25% or 40% off the published fare for your trip. 

We also can provide everything a company needs in terms of travel management. If you want an online portal, we can help. If you want a corporate credit card, we can work with you to find the best program for your needs. Do your travelers need a travel visa or passport quickly? No problem. Are you planning an offsite meeting? We can help! And if you are looking to set up a corporate travel policy, we can tailor one to your needs.

 Our clients also have access to as much technology as they desire. For example, they can access their reservations via the TripCase travel app for real time information that can be shared with others, along with helpful destination information, and expense reporting tailored to their needs. As mentioned, for those companies interested, we can create a company-branded travel portal, allowing a client's employees to book their own travel within company parameters. 

When it comes to corporate travel, we are a one-stop shop.

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