Natascha Columbus

New York, New York Travel Agent

At Home in London

If I were to live outside of the U.S. ever again, I would move to London. I grew up largely in Germany and simply love the variety and rich history London and its surroundings has to offer.  I also enjoy that it is a melting pot of cultures and has a wonderfully distinctive lifestyle. I try to go there as often as possible, and thankfully, for both work and pleasure, I am able to. 

When I’m in London, I walk everywhere. The thing I love most about London is that you walk just a few blocks and you can be in a whole other world. It’s so effortless. During my last visit, I stayed in the Soho area and enjoyed dining and shopping at the authentic Chinese markets and restaurants. 

Because I know the city so well,  it is easy for me to suggest boutique, luxury or even moderately priced hotels that are a perfect fit for the clients style and most importantly fit the clients budget and are also right in the area they need to be for both business and after-hours. I usually arrange for my clients to get some special VIP amenities. For example, one of my VIP clients needed a last minute hotel reservation, I suggested the Edition Hotel. It was in the right area she needed to be and because of the relationship with the sales manager, I was able to get her an not only a special rate that worked with her budget, but also an upgrade and other amenities at no charge. Upon her return from the trip, my client made it a point to thank me for arranging her stay and for the VIP treatment she received. I have another client who frequently goes to London and loves the Chiltern Firehouse and on several occasions when the property seemed entirely sold out I was able to get him a room by working with my Contact.  The Chiltern Firehouse is a trendy, bespoke hotel in a converted firehouse with only 26 rooms and suites, all with fireplaces. If feels very much like you’re in a private home, a very upscale private home. It also has a gourmet restaurant whose list of celebrity diners reads like a “who’s who” of London society.

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