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Pippa Ruben

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The Value of a Travel Agent

I would have to pick my first cruise as a memorable vacation. I took my mother on a cruise from NYC to Bermuda. It was a chance to experience something new, and since then, I have taken several cruises around the Caribbean and cannot wait to experience more.

Being a professional Travel Agent has taught me from personal experiences the value of patience. I have learned how to be a good listener and an effective communicator. I have learned how to go above and beyond for my clients, because it’s what I would want out of an agent if I were traveling.

I would want a friendly confident voice like me on the on the other end of the line if I were ever stuck or had an issue while traveling. When the volcano erupted in Iceland and I had clients stuck in Europe, we found a solution to get them where they need to be.

If I’ve learned anything that I want my clients to know, I would tell them to trust their agent. We’re your best friend if something happens, and something always happens. Mother Nature has her own plans, and you’ll need human being with the experience and insider connections to re-route you if she decides to have a hurricane the day of your critical meeting in Tokyo.

We know your bottom line is important, and sometimes people book travel themselves because they think it will save them money. Unfortunately, this rarely goes as planned. There’s no number you can press on a phone’s keypad when your flight is cancelled, and there’s no app for booking an urgent, last-minute trip. So, trust an experienced agent, and let us streamline your costs for you. 

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