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Miriam Cohen

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A trip of a lifetime with family and friends

One of my favorite trips was a journey around Egypt with my husband and close friends. All told, we were three couples and two kids. I used Abercrombie & Kent as our tour operator, and they did a fabulous job of providing a customized trip for us. They were able to accommodate every issue that came up and work things out right down to the last detail.  

We even were able to change our arrangements on the fly. For example, we decided we wanted to stay in Cairo a little longer than we had planned so that we could have some more time at the museums, which were just incredible. We also wanted to go to Luxor because my husband knew somebody there who he wanted to visit. The itinerary was complex, but they were willing to adjust it to our needs.  

I learned a lot on that trip about the kind of experience I wanted my clients to have and what that would entail. We had arranged a private escorted tour. We were met at the airport by a local person who spoke fluent English, and we stayed in the most fabulous hotels. It was one of those trips that were made to measure, and it exceeded all of our expectations.  

All of the sites that we saw were larger than life. I have never seen such grand temples, and there was also all the history and the famed royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings and the ancient temple complex of Abu Simbel to take in. We even took a short cruise on the Nile. Not having to worry about the logistics and having guides to help us make sense of what we were seeing made it easy to see and do more than we could ever have imagined, and I’ll never forget this adventure as long as I live.

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