Michelle Mashburn Arabie

New York, New York Travel Agent

A Trip to Jordan

One of the most incredible trips I have taken was a journey through Jordan. We had decided to go because my husband was working there, so we met in Amman and started our adventure there. We went to see all of the historical sites that you read about in history class but never expect to see up close. We saw the river where Jesus was baptized, and we saw ancient chapels mentioned in the New Testament. It was amazing to walk in the footsteps of John the Baptist and other biblical people. It was as though history was coming to life right in front of us. My husband and I talk about that trip all the time because it was so special for us to be there. 

We had a private driver who drove us through the country, and that is something I would recommend to my clients. Our driver was incredibly knowledgeable about everything, from history to the geography, and he was constantly sharing stories and facts that we would never have known about on our own. Also, every morning, we would get into the car, and he would have pastries, local cookies and Jordanian coffee for us, which was always delicious.   

What else did we do? We floated in the Dead Sea, and then went to Petra and finished up by going to Aqaba, a little resort town that has the most beautiful water I’ve ever seen. My husband and I never had Jordan our bucket list so I planned our trip without fully realizing how awesome it would be. We were amazed and delighted by all that Jordan was and is together; it was just amazing.

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