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The Real Life Thelma and Louise

I was with the travel agent who brought me into Tzell. We call ourselves “Thelma and Louise,” and we've enjoyed some great trips together. We went to Ireland and drove from one side of the country to the other with a private car and driver, who was fantastic. We hit the pubs, we went horseback riding on the beach, we went hawking with falcons and we partied with an entire soccer team on the last night. It was an amazing, uplifting, wonderful experience, and our driver hung out with us the whole time. Everybody loves Americans in Dublin, so everywhere we went, it was, “You’re American! Come in mate! Let's have a drink! Let's have a pint!”

Then we went to Costa Rica, and every trip, we try and have at least one amazing experience. So on this trip I said, “I want to zip-line because I'm terrified of heights.” We had such anxiety going up, up, up this tiny, serpentine road. Then when we got to the top, they strapped us into this papoose and it's like, “see ya!” It was the most phenomenal, amazing, freeing feeling, and such a great bonding experience. Costa Rica is a beautiful country with beautiful people too.

I've been afforded a really blessed life. I could never travel to the places that I've been if I wasn't doing this, and I'm really grateful for it.

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Costa Rica with Thelma and Louise