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Selena Zepf

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Living like royalty in Paris and London

As an experienced travel agent—and being from a family that loves to travel—I’ve had plenty of opportunity to travel the world. I’ve traveled to places as far as Kenya and Cartagena, but my favorite places to return to are always London and Paris. These cosmopolitan cities continue to call to me, no matter how many chances I get to walk their historic streets. 

On one of my most memorable trips to Paris, I was able to stay in an amazing penthouse rooftop in Hôtel Plaza Athénée. It overlooked the entire city, and it truly inspired me throughout my stay. My eyes were opened to the wonders that travel provides, probably one of the most stupendous feelings that I’d ever had. I was also able to have afternoon tea at Le Meurice, a hotel just a block from the Louvre Museum. This hotel was extremely historic and has hosted a range of nobility in the past, from actual monarchs to Hollywood royalty. It really put into perspective the types of wonder and awe that only travel can inspire. 

In London, I was able to stay at the Corus Hotel Hyde Park, an iconic hotel near Windsor Castle. It’s the same hotel that hosted the wedding party for Prince Harry and the now-Duchess Meghan Markle. On that trip, I toured St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were wed—I even got to tour a week before the actual ceremony took place! Being able to step foot in Windsor Castle and explore Corus Hotel Hyde Park was simply astounding, especially knowing that actual royalty resided there! 

If you also want an inspiring experience, please contact me today. With my expertise and the resources that only Tzell and Bear & Bear can provide, I can transform ordinary travel plans into something extraordinary.

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