Donna McGovern

New York, New York Travel Agent

Exploring Turkey

As an experienced travel agent, I still find time throughout my hectic schedule to experience traveling the world! Being a travel agent has only whetted my appetite for travel, and I use every opportunity as a chance to get ideas for my clients’ future journeys.

One of my favorite travel experiences was when I had the fortune to spend a few days in Istanbul, Turkey. I enjoyed taking part in a walking tour of the city’s best highlights. Not only did it allow me to immerse in the local culture, but I was reminded that there is always more beauty in the world to see, no matter how much I travel. 

I like to find ways of incorporating similar reminders to my clients on their vacations. It’s a great way to stay grounded and keep engaging with the world around us—as well as with the people around us! As a well-seasoned travel agent, I can think of no better advice than to experience the world as it happens. It’s a great way to create memories on your vacation as well as stay positive along the way.

Contact me today if you’d like to begin planning your next unforgettable journey. I look forward to helping you soon.

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