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Luxury Travel Agency Advisor and Services

I’ve been a luxury travel advisor for clients for nearly 40 years, and I pride myself on building connections not only with tour companies, but with families. One of my dearest clients often contacts me to plan his family’s Thanksgiving vacation. As I started to discuss options, he interrupted me and said, “Jayne, you know what we like. Just don’t forget the mashed potatoes.”

I deeply value the trust my clients have in me, and I don’t take it for granted. As a luxury travel advisor who offers a bevy of professional travel agency services, it’s not only my job to go the extra mile: it’s my pleasure. Over the years, I’ve developed relationships with tour operators in countries around the world. I use these same tour operators for my own travels. In fact, I visit each destination I send my clients so that they’ll trust me when I advise them what to see and where to stay.

One spectacular trip I went on was to Iceland, where I spent five glorious days exploring the island’s famous black sand beaches, soaking in the Blue Lagoon and horseback riding. I engaged my own driver for four days of my trip and truly felt immersed in the country’s rich culture.

I’ve visited Italy many times, and know my drivers and guides very well. On one particular trip, I explored Rome with my driver, revisiting all of the major sites. We then drove to Pitigliano, or Little Jerusalem, which is where Jewish people were forced to live during World War II. Today, people who live in Pitigliano commute to Rome for work, and it is such an incredibly charming little town, complete with its own university, synagogue and everything that a small town needs to survive. Even if you are not Jewish, I thoroughly believe that the town is a wonderful place for everyone to see.

After Pitigliano, my driver and I continued to Tuscany, where we spent time in both Sienna and Montepulciano, staying for one or two night in each destination. Finally, we ventured to Florence, where we stayed for a few nights before concluding the trip in Venice.

As a luxury travel advisor, I believe this was an unbelievably beautiful trip, and for me, it was made unique by keeping the same Italian guide from beginning to end. Also an art historian, he helped me delve deep into Italy’s culture, and I left with a much greater grasp of the area’s history. In addition, by working directly with him during my own travels, I learned first-hand how he would treat my clients.

Of course, there are many ways to experience a new destination. Some of my luxury clients prefer to have their own car rather than employ a driver. This is perfectly fine. There are also plenty of hiking and biking excursions, particularly in Tuscany.

When I walk away from a travel experience feeling enriched, I know my clients will feel the same way. And isn’t this what any great luxury travel advisor wants, for her clients to fall in love with a new destination? I’m constantly on the search for unique, rewarding experiences around the world, and it’s my mission to share the wealth through my travel agency services.

In addition to knowing the places I visit, I also know the accommodations. I specialize in villa vacations, which is a unique type of travel that gives clients the opportunity to experience the destination from a local's perspective. Staying in a villa gives guests the opportunity to experience the culture, history and culinary specialties of the region, and I make arrangements for singles travelers, couples, families and multigenerational groups.

I also arrange cooking classes for my visual impaired clients so that they can learn more about a place by tasting it. I have also done tasting tours and visits of olive factories and olive oil pressing plants. It’s fabulous, because my clients get to touch the machines, smell the wonderful aromas, and enjoy the finished product.  

I know that my clients appreciate my help. From their initial inquiry until they return from their trip, no request is turned away, and no need is unmet. My travel agency services are broad and deep, allowing my clients to travel in luxury and know that I’m there to assist with anything they need at any point along their travels.

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