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Joseph McNamara

New York, New York Travel Agent

Travel Advisor - Medical Repatriation Travel

When people need medical repatriation services, they need a knowledgeable expert who can respond quickly. That is why I founded Sky Cap Corp., a Tzell Travel Group affiliate, the only U.S. travel management company that is laser-focused on every aspect of medical evacuations and travel assistance in medical emergencies.

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Travel Specialties

Travel Advisor for Medical Repatriation

A Knowledgeable Travel Advisor Who Provides Fast Medical Repatriation Service 

People don’t plan to need medical repatriation, and when it is necessary, it is essential that it be done quickly and with proper care. In 2011, I founded Sky Cap Corp., a... Read more from my Travel Advisor for Medical Repatriation bio.

Medical Repatriation and Evacuation

Fast and Reliable Medical Evacuation Travel Information and Services Around the World 

When I realized no other travel agency was entirely focused on the medical evacuation industry, I started my own. Fueled by my past education and experience, I set out to... Read more from my Medical Repatriation and Evacuation bio.

Medical Transportation Stretcher Service

Many people seeking medical repatriation and evacuation travel services need a medical transportation stretcher, which is one of the safest ways to transport sick or disabled patients who require emergency transport from a foreign country. However, while airlines often require commercial... Read more from my Medical Transportation Stretcher Service bio.

Travel Experiences

Medical Transportation Services

Dedicated Medical Transportation Services Home for Ill or Injured Patients in Travel Destinations Around the World 

I worked for a commercial medical escort company for more than seven years. In that position, I saw the difference dedicated medical repatriation service makes for ill and injured travelers. I also experienced firsthand how travel... Read more from my Medical Transportation Services story.