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Gregg Kaminsky

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury LGBT Travel Agent

Seeing a need for a combined and dedicated LGBT travel company, especially one that offers family vacations, in 2003 I joined with Kelli Carpenter to co-found R Family Vacations. R Family Vacations became a member of Tzell Travel Group about 2.5 years ago so that we could better provide individual travel planning services. We now operate as a full service travel agency, serving LBGT and other travelers.

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Travel Specialties

Luxury LGBT Travel Agent Biography

Travel is one of my greatest joys and I have traveled the world, both for business and for pleasure. I still have a long wish list of trips, but at this point there probably isn’t a major destination I haven’t been ... Read more from my Luxury LGBT Travel Agent Biography bio.

LGBT-Friendly Travel for Everyone

Most travel agents these days probably have LGBT clients. In fact, I was recently invited to speak at the Family Travel Association conference about LGBT family travel, and provide tips on how to best serve this market. For example, too often, ... Read more from my LGBT-Friendly Travel for Everyone bio.

Travel Experiences

The Absolutely Perfect Summer: Mykonos

There are some places in the world which truly exceed all expectations. Mykonos is one of the best beach destinations, a beautiful Greek island that I continue to visit over and over and can’t wait to return again. There is an endless list of trendy accommodations, incredible restaurants, stunning beaches, and ... Read more from my The Absolutely Perfect Summer: Mykonos story.