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Andi Henig

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

I have been a travel advisor with Tzell for over 25 years. Previously, I was a professional actor along with my husband, appearing in television commercials and on stage. But we were both very interested in travel, so we decided to combine our two passions, and now we create itineraries for clients in the theater world.

Initially, we thought we would only work with actors, but this idea had its limitations, so we expanded it to incorporate professionals from the entire entertainment industry. I had done a lot of touring when I was a performer, and I knew most hit shows would at some point go on the road. I decided the business would benefit from someone such as myself who understood it from front to back and knew the challenges and issues those on the outside might not be familiar with.

Producers became my clients, and they are still with me to this day. I understand their needs, and they recommended me to directors, managers and everyone else who makes a successful show possible. Today I am proud to serve the people who entertain us and bring us joy and laughter, and I love serving their needs as part of the Tzell team. 

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