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Andi Henig

New York, New York Travel Agent

The Show Must Go On

I have relationships with the cast and crew of Hamilton, Chicago, The Book of Mormon and many more, and all have touring companies. It is my job to arrange their itineraries and logistics, which can be a challenge, due to all the moving parts.

I work out of New York City, the heart of the theater industry, but I also have clients in Los Angeles and other parts of the world, so this is not a nine-to-five job for me. If an actor has an injury, gets sick or has a family emergency, it requires me to find travel solutions so a performer from one production can fly to another in a different city to take over the role. This business works nights, weekends and all points in between, so there is no such thing as downtime.  

I understand what my customers need to get to their destination, and I appreciate the urgency. If there is a weather issue or a service issue on the flight, I figure out a way to get the company from point A to point B, no matter how many airport lounges and airport transfers are involved. For example, a group of 16 passengers I worked with was going to miss their connection, and the airline was not able to help this many travelers at once, so I found seats for them all, and in a matter of 10 minutes they were ticketed and on their way. Carriers can shift one or two passengers, but if you have 30, you need someone like me to get it all worked out, so the show can go on.

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