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Devora Wissell

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My Travel Agent Life

I pride myself on the fact that I have clients for corporate travel from the entertainment business, the fashion industry and the legal profession, as well as leisure clients who are looking for real adventures. I also book cruises and honeymoon travel in the Caribbean and in Europe.

Every type of corporate client, in every industry, has its own unique needs, and part of my job is to understand what they must have and when, or they won’t call me again the next time they have a business trip.

I have many clients who work in the fashion industry, because they fly so much between shows. When one of them has a runway show in Paris or Milan, my job is more than just booking their airline seats and getting them checked into their suites; if they need clothes hangers, I get them clothes hangers, both at the venue where the show is taking place and in their hotel room, if needed. You might say that I offer my clients a bespoke travel experience, because it’s tailor-made to their particular specifications, and it won’t work for anyone else, even if it’s in the same industry. In high-end travel, there is no "one size fits all."

I’ve been in this business for long enough to say that I offer my clients “FITs.” That stands for “foreign individual travel,” and it’s a term that used to be used a lot, but isn’t any more, and that’s a shame. FIT signifies a type of old-school attitude towards how you treat your clients, and that's how I was taught when I was learning this business. Times may have changed and the travel industry may have changed, but offering my clients the best personalized service possible never goes out of style.

My corporate clients often end up becoming my best leisure clients as well, because they know I take my profession seriously and they trust me to handle all aspects of their all-inclusive, high-end luxury travel. I go above and beyond for them, and they trust I’ll be reachable if they’re stuck in Cambodia at 3:00am in the morning. They know that no matter where they are or whatever comes up, I will always be there for them, 24/7.

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