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Efua Southern

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

I was not always a travel advisor. I worked in many different environments, from the television industry to public relations and information technology, but one thing always remained the same: I love to journey around the world.

I have been on the move all my life. I went to boarding school in England, so I lived abroad since I was three years old, and I circled the globe by myself four separate times. Being on the move is something I did from the moment I had complex functions, so being a bit of a nomad has always felt natural to me.

I committed myself to this industry after spending a year seeing the world with my husband. When we came home, I had a “now or never” moment and decided to follow my dreams, so I took a pay cut and started at the bottom as an intern at a small travel agency in London. I stayed there for a year, then joined Trailfinders, one of the largest travel agencies in the UK.

We eventually had the opportunity to move to New York City, and I joined Bear and Bear, who are a part of the Tzell family. It was my first job in the United States, and it’s still the only job I've had in this country. My team understands how passionate I am about selling unforgettable experiences to my customers.

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