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Kathy Adamski

New York, New York Travel Agent

The Joy of River Cruising

I joined Tzell as an Elite Cruise Counselor because I love choosing travel destinations that make people happy and enjoy traveling myself. From a river tour through Europe to a Caribbean ocean cruise, my goal is always to make your dream vacation a beautiful reality. 

I offer personalized service and customized travel experiences for each client. Plus, I can suggest thousands of value-added cruise and land vacations anywhere in the world you want to go. From romantic escapes for two to family reunions or business groups of 200, I have the experience and personal travel relationships to make it happen.

River cruises give travelers an opportunity to be right at the heart of each destination. As you journey down the river, there are countless sights, sounds, and scents to take in. A river tour offers a rare opportunity to slow down and appreciate the unique charms of each of the travel destinations on the itinerary. 

For example, I met with clients who had never been to Europe and wanted to see and experience as much as possible. They have sailed on several different cruise lines and are as passionate about cruise vacations as I am, but  traveling to Europe was a new experience for them. A river tour is an ideal way to soak up the culture and scenery of a new destination.

All of their wishes and unique preferences become part of a detailed travel itinerary. I arranged for them to arrive a few days early to spend some time in Amsterdam and then embark on a river cruise with everything covered in a single price, including shore excursions and drinks.

These clients will enjoy a completely carefree all-inclusive prepaid voyage, including sightseeing, meals, cocktails, and more. And they will visit the hottest spots in the Netherlands including AmsterdamHoorn, Antwerp, Rotterdam, GhentZeelandArnhem, and Kinderkijk.  

Shore excursions will give them the opportunity to be awed by the talent of the Dutch Masters at Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and explore the seafaring history of Hoorn. World War II history will unforld in Amhem along with the splendors of the Renaissance in Antwerp.

As the ship floats down the river, my clients will view a rainbow of blooming Dutch tulips and step into the Middle Ages at the world's largest floral park, Roam Keukenhof Gardens. They will also have the rare pleasure of sampling world-famous Belgian chocolates and beers. 

I recommend this 10-day itinerary during spring in the Netherlands. There is no better time or way to view the lush allure of the Low Countries. 

This trip is just one of many I have crafted to exceed my client' every wish and they often express their joy before they even return home, or immediately upon landing back on shore. Most are already thinking about their next trip before they even get back.

Customized travel experiences like this is one of many reasons to use an experienced professional to book your vacations. Besides being a travel agent, I am also an avid adventure seeker. I am continually trying new cruise ships to gain firsthand experiences I can share with my clients.

Life gets stressful, and the point of traveling is to leave it all behind. From providing posh amenities for a reasonable price to offering expert travel tips, my clients have a hassle-free excursion every step of the way. I advise them to pack lightly to enjoy the carefree joy of traveling without encumbrances. Everything they need will already be part of their itineraries.

Contact me to plan your dream vacation when you are ready to take a river tour of Europe or an ocean cruise on the Caribbean seas. My familiarity with travel destinations worldwide and dedication to providing the highest level of service is a winning combination for savvy travelers.

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