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Keith Baker

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My Travel Agent Life

I was always destined to become a travel agent. I enjoyed going away and discovering new places ever since I was a small child, and all I could think about when one trip was over was when I could go on the next one. I would even look up in the sky when an airplane flew overhead and try to identify which carrier it belonged to. I was obsessed, and friends and family who have known me all my life knew I would end up becoming a travel agent someday. They were right. 

I used to work for a different travel agency, but I never felt they could harness my passion for sharing new destinations with my clients. That all changed when I came to Tzell, and every day in the office is a new day for me to do what I love–selling destinations which were exciting for me to discover, so others can be as enriched as I was. 

In the coming year, I hope to visit Jordan and Lebanon. My colleagues have told me so many interesting things about both places, especially Jordan, whose rich history is on proud display in such sites as Petra. It is always fascinating to visit to places that have endured great difficulties, then transformed into thriving, cosmopolitan centers. I cannot wait to see these places for myself and then introduce them to my clients.

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