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Keith Baker

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Journeys Through History and Nature

I sell luxury leisure itineraries to destinations the world over, but one of my favorites at the moment is South Africa. I always encourage my clients who are going there to stay for a minimum of two weeks, because there is so much to see and do, and a few days is not enough time to experience everything.

I encourage my clients to see the wine country outside of Cape Town and go on safari. The location can change depending on the migration of the animals and wildlife, but all things being equal, I normally recommend Kruger National Park for the best experience.

I also recommend a visit to Johannesburg to anyone interested in 20th century history. The locals are very open about their experiences during the apartheid years, and once you get them talking about it, you will fall into a fascinated silence. I know I did–it was an eye-opening experience I am not likely to forget. 

I also book trips to Europe, although the destination depends on the time of year. For my clients traveling during the May and June high season, I recommend Italy, the South of France and Paris. Seeing the architecture and observing an old society whose buildings, churches and culture have been preserved for hundreds of years is always mesmerizing. My clients who visit the continent always come back and tell me how much they loved what they saw. 

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