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Keith Baker

New York, New York Travel Agent

Working with Hollywood Royalty

I have been selling travel for over 29 years and have had the pleasure of catering to a diverse array of clientele such as A-list Hollywood stars, business executives, and production studios. I started my travel career in film production booking for Frank Perry, previous President of Corsair Pictures. I've booked many shoots for National Geographic and I was the personal travel consultant for legendary actresses Lauren Bacall and Elizabeth Taylor.  

As a luxury leisure and entertainment travel agent, I’m able to provide my clients with every little detail and request to create unforgettable experiences. Many of my clients have been requesting my services for decades, and I take great pleasure in knowing my expertise has provided me with the ability to sustain long-term relationships with my clients. I take great pride in knowing that I’ve been a part of multiple stages of my clients’ lives, and my nearly 30 years of experience selling travel have given me the knowledge and skillset to ensure I can provide the best services for every type of traveler.

Many of my clients also request my services to ensure their able to maintain a low profile and have an enjoyable travel experience without feeling targeted by the public and the media. I’m a well-seasoned expert in discrete booking under alias names, ensuring the highest level of privacy even during public excursions, and making sure all of my clients receive the VIP treatment everywhere they go. Whether it’s renting out an entire restaurant for a romantic dinner, booking a private charter to stare out at the sunset on the water, or creating seamless routes and itineraries to ensure VIP clients are able to keep a low profile on their vacation, I am able to provide the most superior services to my clients through my strong personal connections, decades of expertise, and the network provided by Tzell Travel Group.

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