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My Travel Agent Life

I have thrived in the world of luxury travel for more than 35 years, and I’ve loved every moment of it. Although I started out as a theater journalist, I quickly found my calling as a luxury travel agent. Thanks to this experience, I’ve made many connections with premier resorts and other luxury service providers across the globe. I use my repertoire with these networks to craft unforgettable moments for my clients. My true specialty and niche is providing travel experiences that are the highest end of leisure.

By providing VIP service for my clients, I know that they will enjoy the finest accommodations and services the industry has to offer. And, as the nature of VIP service, my clients also enjoy complete discretion throughout their vacation or luxury business travel. Complete privacy is a guarantee when I make the arrangements; my clients needn’t worry about being exposed or their location revealed, giving them the opportunity to savor the true chance to get away from it all.

I love to travel the world and find new places I know my clients will love. However, the travel moment that comes to my mind most readily when it comes to retelling my favorite vacation experiences is my somewhat recent travel to South Africa on a FAM trip. I flew Emirates business class—which puts first-class on most other airlines to shame—and immersed myself in the local experiences of the country. It completely changed my perspective on travel, especially when I had the opportunity to visit Kruger National Park and see the continent’s most majestic creatures firsthand. Plus, I never realized how wonderful the African climate would be! This is the type of trip that I try to emulate for my clients: from elite transportation to truly revolutionary moments, I hope to create the next fond memory for those in my care.Call me today to being planning your next magical vacation. I can’t wait to help bring your dreams to life.

Call me today to being planning your next magical vacation. I can’t wait to help bring your dreams to life.

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I truly love what I do, from planning the ideal vacation for a client or setting off on a once-of-a-lifetime trip myself! Most of my clients can tell that I have a deep passion for the industry and trust me to uncover the best of their destinations.

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