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The Two Indias: North and South

Many of my customers have enjoyed their trips to India so much that they cannot wait to board another flight and go back again. It is a large country, so unless you have a lot of time, I will usually suggest you focus on north India for your first visit, and then if you return, I can send you to south India for a very different experience. 

The north India itineraries I create normally consist of a private tour lasting two weeks or longer. That is enough time to visit iconic cities like Delhi, VaranasiAgra, and Jaipur, as well as more off-the-beaten-path destinations in Rajasthan. In some of the desert villages, it is possible to embark upon safaris to see animals and wildlife, and there are private river cruises available which sail down the Ganges, with a sitar player providing the onboard soundtrack. 

These programs are so popular that some clients regularly come back to me to repeat the experience. But a whole different India beckons to the south, where I also suggest allowing at least two weeks because of all there is to see. 

The southern part of the country is utterly different from its northern counterpart. This is a journey into a pure India, free of the influence of European culture and the outsiders who invaded throughout the centuries. The monuments, arts, and culture are unlike those to the north, and the climate is as well; it is lush, green and warm all year, so it is always possible to have a summer adventure, even if you travel there during the winter months. 

Whichever destination you choose, I will provide you with a knowledgeable guide to escort you from one remarkable sight to the next. You will always travel in a new car with an excellent driver who has been trained in the appropriate way to treat western tourists, particularly those on first-class vacations who are accustomed to the best the world has to offer. 

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