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Stephanie Serino

New York, New York Travel Agent

The Cruise Curator

I call myself “The Cruise Curator” because I help clients navigate the multitude of decisions required to plan the perfect cruise vacation. Getting to know my clients well and understanding their preferences and travel style is essential, but intuiting the purpose of each trip and desired experience is also key. With this knowledge, I can present a small selection of appealing options from the vast array of cruise lines, ships and itineraries on offer.

Selecting the right cruise is just the beginning. Let me help guide you in:

  • Choosing the stateroom category and location
  • Organizing logistics and transportation to/from the ship
  • Planning where to stay before/after the cruise and booking special hotels offering exclusive amenities and VIP welcome
  • Discussing the destinations and sightseeing options including arranging private guides and customized excursions
  • Enhancing the trip with reservations for dining, spa, entertainment on the ship
  • Monitoring all travel components (flights for schedule changes, cruise for fare reductions, destinations for updates)
  • Completing embarkation forms and preparing documentation
  • Reviewing all trip details before departure and answering all questions
  • Providing personal support during the trip (and backup with 24-hour Hotline), and travel insurance advice to cover any emergencies

My goal is to figure out what is best for you specifically and to guide you through the many choices that come with cruising to orchestrate the best experience for you. That’s why I like to call myself “the cruise curator.”

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