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The Best of Italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy

Why do I love Italy so much? Como se chama? It’s simply the feeling of la dolce vita. As soon as you arrive, you can feel yourself decompress, relax and be happy. That is why I keep going back, year after year, always finding new adventures, new ways to dig deeper into the culture and new places to unwind and bask in the beauty of this legendary land. 

Making everything more fun is the welcoming Italian culture. This caring hospitality is especially apparent in the hoteliers, guides, and drivers I choose to work with. They make sure that my clients feel happy and loved. From flight arrangements to hotels with luxurious amenities, I can arrange your dream trip to Italy.  

For first time visitors, I can help you experience hot spots such as Venice, Florence, and Rome in ways that make your trip very personal to you. For example, it is hard to appreciate the treasures of the Vatican while being jostled by hordes of tourists; I can arrange a pre-opening visit so you can stand and admire the works of art and devotion along with an expert guide to provide perspective on what you’re seeing. 

There is another Italy—the one that touches people just as deeply as the renowned museum art and ancient ruins. That is the Italy you will enjoy when you head off the beaten track to smaller towns and cities. From Tuscany to less-visited areas of Puglia, there are places where you can feel the rhythm of life as it has been lived for centuries. You might visit a family vineyard for a private tasting and tour or dine on a farm that has been in the same family for countless generations.                                                                

Italy is a country of limitless potential. I’d love to share my favorite discoveries with you as I plan your journey into the heart of Italy.

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