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David Waldes

New York, New York Travel Agent

Global Luxury and Adventure Travel Advisor

When you travel with me, I’ll plan amazing adventures based on your unique interests and ensure that nothing is left to chance. I pride myself on anticipating my travelers’ every need to provide a seamless experience, from the moment you leave home until you return with treasured memories.

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Travel Specialties

Best Places to Visit in Italy

The Best of Italy

Why do I love Italy so much? Como se chama? It’s simply the feeling of la dolce vita. As soon as you arrive, you can feel yourself decompress, relax and be happy. That is why I keep going back, year after... Read more from my The Best of Italy bio.

David Waldes

Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia has a special place in my heart. I started traveling around the region even before becoming a travel agent and keep coming back, always finding new wonders. Over the years, I have developed an insider’s knowledge and can match... Read more from my Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia bio.

Luxury Travel Advisor

I decided to become a luxury travel advisor about 20 years ago when I couldn’t find anyone who could plan the journeys I wanted. Most travel agents were not familiar with the kinds of in-depth cultural and eco-tourism adventures that I—and... Read more from my Luxury Travel Advisor bio.

Travel Experiences

Living History in Japan and China

I love traveling throughout Japan and China to find hidden gems and learn about the rich cultural history in each country. One of my favorite spots is Niigata in Japan, where people can watch potters and other artisans at work. Recently, a new train line was built, making it just a... Read more from my Living History in Japan and China story.