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Veronica Jimenez

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Agent

My dad worked for the airlines, so I traveled a lot as a child. I started as a reservation agent at United Airlines and worked my way up at various travel agencies. I began at powerhouse agency Tzell in 2006 and launched my affiliated brand New Concepts in Travel (http://newconceptsintravel.com/)

One thing I have learned from my life in travel is that everybody is the same. Everybody wants love, family, friendship, a peaceful life and respect. We are all citizens of the world. Travel forces you to see the commonality of humanity, a lesson from my dad, who was an airline mechanic. 

Travel is the most important thing in my life. From the sleepy towns of Laos to the peaceful locals in Myanmar, I have been lucky enough to experience the beauty of the world. I love what I do and want to share my passion with you by planning an unforgettable adventure.

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