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Oshra Gil

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

What makes me passionate about the travel industry? At Tzell, I really enjoy working on itineraries for corporate clients, and I like the fact that I'm a part of their livelihood. I'm very passionate about that.

I don't generally go after the really big companies, because they usually need one person who’s strictly dedicated to making travel arrangements for the entire company. What I do is much more personalized than that, and the word of mouth that I’ve earned over the years has made me valuable to several different companies, who have referred me on an executive-by-executive basis. 

Part of what I’ve done is help clients who are overseas when a crisis hits. In 2014 there was an Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and nobody was allowed to fly in or out of the affected countries for a 72-hour period. I had a group of clients stranded there, and I was able to help get them out and get them admitted back into New York City and Washington DC. That was a big deal for me. 

I also worked during 9/11. I remember that morning being on the train to work from Brooklyn, and I saw the second plane hit the towers. The train stopped at the bridge and I was able to get off, and as much as I was in shock, I still wanted to be there to help my clients, who were stranded all over the country. I was able to make arrangements for everybody and I was able to get them re-connected with their loved ones. That was a big deal for me, both professionally and personally. 

I work hand-in-hand with executives and provide them with guidance through their entire trip. The executive can work for a Fortune 500 company, but I don't necessarily take care of the travel for that entire company. It's really about the individual executive, and I feel like the personal attention I give them is my true specialty.

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