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Ellen Lobue

New York, New York Travel Agent

Luxury Corporate and Celebration Events

I have years of experience making arrangements for large groups, whether for a business meeting or for celebration travel. I recently booked rooms for 28 couples for a client’s 50th birthday party in Sonoma, California. It was a bit tricky because everyone was coming and going on different days. Some guests stayed only for two days, and some stayed for three or four, but I arranged everything with the hotel and double-checked it all, so there were no slip-ups. Plus, I was able to negotiate favorable rates and special amenities for everyone. I always tell my clients this is precisely why you need an experienced travel advisor. 

Another recent logistical challenge was making arrangements for a large group from an engineering company at a busy time in New York City. People were coming from offices all over the United States and gathering in Manhattan to meet their colleagues at their executive offices. They needed 78 rooms and wanted to be near their headquarters office; I was able to book the entire party at the Plaza Hotel.  

The best part about making arrangements through an experienced travel agent like me is that you have someone in your corner if anything changes or goes wrong. I can usually anticipate and head-off problems before they occur, plus I have the insider connections and longstanding personal travel industry relationships to sort out any issues that might arise. So, enjoy the party and focus on your business goals and leave the details to me.

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