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My Travel Agent Life

We pride ourselves on providing luxury experiences at affordable prices. As an affiliate of the Tzell Travel Group, Travel Leaders and Signature, I have access to amazing client benefits at leading hotels around the world as well as airline connections that can often help me clear a waitlist and ensure your trip goes smoothly.

For both leisure and corporate trips, I am focused on making your travel experience as easy and comfortable as possible. I try to ensure you get the most out of the journey and discover new possibilities and experiences while having the comforts of home in an unfamiliar place among people who may have totally different cultures and outlooks.  I’ve planned treks through Bhutan, cruises to Antarctica to see penguins and hot-air balloon rides. You name it, we can plan it.

I often orchestrate extended journeys of a month or more for my clients. One the most challenging was arranging a four-month odyssey around Europe for a family. I had to get to know them and understand not only what they liked to do, but what they were capable of. As a result of this trip, they are now traveling in far different ways than they did before, getting much more immersed in the culture of the places they visit, and continuing to discover new and amazing places. In fact, they hate winter, so every year they travel for three to four months. I plan their whole life for that time: airlines, hotels, restaurant reservations, tours, even how to pack and occasionally, where to store their luggage so they aren’t moving it around all the time.

I also specialize in Gay travel and am a ccontributing travel correspondent for Vacationer magazine and Queer 40 magazine.

Plus, as a member of Tzell Travel Group, I am able to provide you with many advantages, from potential savings on front of cabin airfares that can be quite significant to VIP treatment and amenities as many of the world’s most luxurious hotels.


127 Travel was recently featured in a popular TravelAge West article.

Founder Keith Wein was quoted as saying, “LGBTQ people are no longer going to only LGBTQ-friendly destinations. They are going everywhere.”

Wein adds “The biggest growth market is definitely honeymoons, anniversaries and special occasions,” he said. “LGBTQ couples are celebrating in a way they haven’t been able to before, and now, hotels and destinations are welcoming the LGBTQ market in a more accepting manner and helping them celebrate their special occasions.”


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