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Carl Simmons

New York, New York Travel Agent

Executive Corporate and Luxury Travel Agent

The majority of my clients come from the corporate world. I have worked with engineering companies, legal firms and fashion houses. Each business has specialized needs, and each traveler has individual preferences. It takes a knowledgeable mind and a steady hand to tailor every trip to their unique needs. My clients have been so pleased with my work that many now ask me to book their vacations, and I have been proud to earn this vote of confidence.

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Travel Specialties

Corporate Travel: A Simple Trip Around the World

The destinations I book most frequently tend to be in Europe, Asia, and Africa. These trips can be grueling for my clients. It is not unusual for them to have around-the-world itineraries requiring them to literally circle the globe. For example,... Read more from my Corporate Travel: A Simple Trip Around the World bio.

My Travel Agent Life

I attended Boston University, where I was an Eastern European Studies major and learned to speak Russian. One summer, I worked at a camp for children that took children on different excursions throughout Scandinavia and Russia. The counselors all spoke different... Read more from my My Travel Agent Life bio.

Travel Experiences

South African Encounters

There are many destinations around the world which I would describe as favorites. I have visited the United Arab Emirates five times, and I love Dubai and Abu Dhabi. I have also spent considerable time in South Africa. If pushed to choose one single trip though, I would say it was... Read more from my South African Encounters story.