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My Travel Agent Life

I attended Boston University, where I was an Eastern European Studies major and learned to speak Russian. One summer, I worked at a camp for children that took children on different excursions throughout Scandinavia and Russia. The counselors all spoke different languages, and so did the children; this gave me the opportunity and impetus to speak Russian, French and Swedish in order to communicate with the different campers. It also gave me a taste for the larger world outside of the United States, and it made me fall in love with the travel business. 

Back in Boston, I enrolled in night school and worked at the Copley Plaza Hotel during the day. From there, I began working at a travel agency and then went to TWA, where I worked as a pricing analyst for almost a decade. By the time I left to work at Stevens Travel, I had received a real-world education in many different aspects of the business, including the complex world of hotel rates and airline faring. 

Stevens became an affiliate of Tzell Travel Group, and I have been on this team for more than 20 years. I have greatly enjoyed being a part of this organization, where I have the opportunity to use the skills I gained to provide first-class service and help business travelers make all of their connections so that they can touch down safely.

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