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Carl Simmons

New York, New York Travel Agent

Corporate Travel: A Simple Trip Around the World

The destinations I book most frequently tend to be in Europe, Asia, and Africa. These trips can be grueling for my clients. It is not unusual for them to have around-the-world itineraries requiring them to literally circle the globe. For example, they might fly out of New York, stop in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangalore, and London before coming back to New York again. 

I feel strongly that if my client is away from home for ten days for meetings and events in Europe or to visit factories in Asia, then it is my job to smooth the way and make the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. I may not be able to shorten 14-hour flights, but I can do everything in my power to make sure my client has as few airport transfers as possible plus as many amenities, services and upgrades as I can secure, to make business travel as easy as possible, all while keeping travel expenses to a minimum.  

Most of my corporate clients know exactly where they are going and for what reason, so my job is less about selling someone a destination and more about finding the best route to get them there and the best place to stay. A customer comes to me with the foundation for the trip, and then I work within that to find the best hotel, train route, rental car in the area. 

My background in pricing has given me an edge over other travel advisors. I know the ins and outs of every airline, so if a change is needed to a rapidly approaching trip, I can accommodate it quickly.

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