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Lina Cipollone

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Luxury Leisure Travel

I’m an adventurous person by nature, so when I travel, I look to do things that get me outdoors and get my blood pumping. I love bicycling and hiking. I often take walking tours, and I have done my fair share of zip-lining. If it is physical and exciting, I want to do it, and I find a lot of my clients share my enthusiasm. 

For example, I arranged a honeymoon in Hawaii for a very active and adventurous couple. They wanted to do every fun, physical, outdoor activity I could come up with. I arranged for them to go surfing and then go swimming with sharks. I also sent them on a guided mountain-bike ride through steep rainforest mountains. I even had them go biking around an active volcano. 

They loved it. They were absolute adrenaline junkies who viewed hotels as places for sleeping and dropping off your luggage before going off on the next adventure. I loved planning that trip for them, and I love booking travel for people like them, who want to see and do everything.  

Adventures can also be cultural. A great example is a culinary and cultural trip I planned for a couple honeymooning in Sicily. I arranged for them to have a private driver who spoke English, and he took them to Erice, a wonderfully preserved medieval hill town on the top of Monte San Giuliano. They walked the cobblestone streets of the town and took in the aromas of Erice’s famous pastry shops, and then visited the salt pans before returning to Palermo. And that was just their first day! I made sure that every day offered them something new. They saw historical sights dating back centuries, spent time relaxing at the beach, and took private guided tours of all of the iconic sites. 

Before the trip was over, they went on wine tasting excursions, took cooking classes and toured local markets. They even took a fishing trip and then went back to the hotel restaurant with their catch and cooked it with the restaurant staff. This couple wanted an experiential trip, so Sicily was the perfect choice for them. It was a unique, memorable trip for them, and I loved booking it. 

That is the kind of unforgettable, experience-packed trip I love to plan. I want my clients to enjoy all that the world has to offer and reach for the stars because you only live once! 

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