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Haruo Yamaguchi

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

My story might sound familiar to some because in many ways it is the quintessential American dream. I left my home with not much more than pocket change to my name. In the following six months, I bounced from Osaka to Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver and Toronto before ultimately winding up in New York. At this point, my pocket change was pretty thin; I needed a job. And after a few odd professions and occupations, I landed a position as a travel agent trainee at a travel agency. It felt like a dream come true. 

In 2001, I joined the Tzell Travel Group. I am delighted to be a part of Tzell because of its global clout and buying power, which allow me to provide my clients with the best service possible. Online travel agencies cannot compete with the kind of access, value-added amenities, and personal connections of a Tzell travel agent.  

I am able to use my connections to help get clients to their destinations when their flights are delayed or canceled and they need to reach a meeting, and to ensure that they receive VIP treatment at the hotels I book for them. A website can never do that for them. I enjoy providing personal service and am there for my clients for their entire journeys, from start to finish.

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