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Executive Corporate Travel

Planning corporate travel is always exciting because business travelers often require intricate scheduling. That is especially true of my pharmaceutical clients. To make it even more challenging, often these needs arise and change at a moment’s notice. While some travel agents may get annoyed, I find the fast-pace exhilarating and embrace it.  

Knowing how difficult and tiring travel can be for road warriors, I do everything I can to make the trip as seamless and comfortable as possible. My clients never have to tell me which seats they like to have on their flights or what type of room they prefer because, after their first trip, I always know what they like.  

Case in point: I once had a client traveling to Europe for business, and then the volcano in Iceland grounded flights across Europe, leaving him stuck in London. I worked day and night to get him home. I ultimately booked a train to Paris the following evening and got him on a flight back to the U.S. That one-day delay was nothing compared to the four-day travel nightmare most of his colleagues faced (or, at least the ones not lucky enough to be working with me). It took some hard work at a moment’s notice, but it made all the difference for him, and it was just a day in the life for me.

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