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Family Travel

In traveling with my own family, I’ve come to appreciate how precious moments with your children are, especially if they’re the kind of moments your kids will remember for the rest of their lives. I’ve made it a mission of sorts to provide as many of these moments as possible to families looking for them. 

A great many of the family vacations that I book are holiday season vacations to beach resorts or cruises in the Caribbean. Each island has special and unique experiences that can make for great family memories. You can go hiking through a rainforest in Saint Lucia, where your guide may taste and sniff free-growing mint and other flavors. Or you might snorkel through an underground sculpture museum off the coast of Cancun.  

I also know of some truly life-changing experiences for the more adventurous families. I’m always quick to recommend Torres del Pine National Park in Patagonia, as the views alone are otherworldly. I’ve never seen mountains that beautiful—it is a kind of heaven on Earth.  

It’s also possible to learn a new skill while traveling. For example, I once hired a professional photographer in Bueno Aires who worked with their kids to teach them how to take incredible photography with iPhones. Learning to take great photos and the actual pictures made Buenos Aires a magical experience for them all. 

My favorite trip to plan for families is a safari in Tanzania. Several times now I’ve set arranged for families to enjoy a private safari. I arrange pen pals for their kids several months before the trip and then arrange for them to meet while they are there. Connecting with local kids adds a whole new dimension to a trip. It helps to bridge the gap between different worlds and cultures and highlights the humanity shared by people around the world. That eye-opening connection to the world is by far the most fulfilling thing, far more so than any sight or tour or photograph. 

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