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My Travel Agent Life

When I was a child and all of my friends played baseball, I was in my bedroom, fascinated with travel. I would study train schedules and make my parents take me to the station so I could observe the next departure. I was hypnotized watching trains go by, whether westbound or eastbound. Then, as I got older, I created imaginary airlines and listed departures and arrivals, which was mesmerizing to me.

When I grew up, I got a job making travel arrangements for a 24-hour emergency relocation service. I worked on six different systems there, and it was where I received my first prolonged exposure to the travel business. My brother later opened a real estate relocation company and asked if I wanted to head their travel department. I said yes, and after a few years, I joined a travel agency. I then became built my own travel business, and today I am part of the Tzell team, one of the most powerful travel agencies in the country.

Most of my clients come from the fashion and financial industries. I arrange itineraries for financial road shows, where stocks are pitched to institutional investors in multiple locations. This can involve making arrangements for groups of five to eight with commercial air, private jets and car services, as well as hotel reservations. The destinations I have booked most frequently in this capacity have been the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Often, a CEO or other C-level executive will request something akin to a four-bedroom villa in Cabo San Lucas over a particular weekend. Despite the fact that leisure travel is not my specialty, if my client is making the request, I always accommodate them, even if it requires me to venture outside of my specialty area to do so.

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