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Anthony Perrotta

New York, New York Travel Agent

White Glove Service

I will go to extraordinary lengths for my clients, to the extent that some may describe my approach as a bit over the top. However, I do not consider it excessive; I consider it first-class, white glove service, and my business class customers deserve it.

Every client should have a seamless experience with all the VIP amenities possible, from booking to boarding to checking in. There are goals to meet for business travel, and my job is to see to it my customers have whatever they needed accomplish their mission. I may not be in the room with my client during the IPO, but I can make sure he or she gets there as rested and free of incident as possible. The business depends on it.

Booking corporate itineraries requires skill in handling last-minute decisions, backup plans and emergency possibilities, the minute clouds roll into the sky. If there is snow, fog or low visibility, there can be rolling delays, missed airport transfers and flights which are either late or canceled. This can add up to a lot of time spent in airport lounges when the client should be concentrating on business. So when bad weather threatens, my job is to think creatively and find proactive solutions, even if it involves putting my client into a rental car instead of an airplane, distance permitting.

My clients trust me to handle their business travel, so much so that I am sometimes asked to book their vacations as well. Leisure may not be my specialty, but when a corporate client asks me to book two weeks in Paris for them, it is a vote of confidence and a sign of trust and I am grateful to have the opportunity to accommodate them. 

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