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Debbie Alkawas

New York, New York Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

My passion for travel dates back 30 years. My closest friend was a travel agent, and she got me interested in the idea of seeing the world, experiencing exotic cultures and mingling with different types of people. I started going on trips to all sorts of far-flung destinations, and upon my return, I always found that other people hung on my every word when I described where I had been.  

So I decided to become a professional travel advisor, and I dove right in. I stopped what I was doing at the time and learned the industry from the ground up. This was in the pre-Internet days when we did everything by hand, and I went to school to learn how to issue airline tickets, decipher a map and steeped myself in the geography of the world. 

Today, I work with a fantastic team. I have a partner and an assistant, and what we all have in common is our dedication to exceptional customer service. We are available long after everyone else has gone home from work, and we take care of every single one of our travelers. I have excellent colleagues around me, and we provide top-of-the-line personal service to every client; this is my claim to fame.

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