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Debbie Alkawas

New York, New York Travel Agent

Juggling Under Pressure

Corporate travel has very precise demands, and every day when I come into the office, I know I have to be ready for them. Itineraries can shift at a moment’s notice, and in some cases, the changes can happen on the way to a flight, at the terminal, and again at the airport lounge during a transfer. Finding corporate travel solutions is one of my areas of expertise.

My clients want more than anything to save time, and I am cognizant of their needs. If one of them is booked on a specific flight and finds another that leaves a bit earlier, he or she wants to be on it. It is my job to make sure they are.

If I have somebody calling me from an airport or on the way to one, I focus 100% on their situation. It is a juggling act, but I do it. Business travel is a high-pressure part of the travel industry, and I am proud to say I have excelled under its demands for many years. I have planned large meetings and events for investment bankers’ incentive groups.

I have also arranged travel special food and wine journeys, team-building exercises, and corporate retreats. I work closely with my colleagues to provide highly-personalized travel and concierge support to all my clients. You cannot do it all alone, and I am grateful that my team is as solid as anyone could hope for.

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