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Debbie Alkawas

New York, New York Travel Agent

An Impromptu Hawaiian Honeymoon

Just like corporate travel, creating unique, customized leisure itineraries provides me with opportunities to be a superhero for my clients. I once had a honeymoon couple booked to Bali, but unfortunately, there was a snowstorm, and I re-did their entire itinerary from scratch in 24 hours. This happened over Christmas, and everything was booked, so I sent the couple to Hawaii. We found accommodations in Oahu, Maui and the other islands. There were no five-star resorts available, but we found smaller, luxury boutique hotels for them to stay instead, which they loved. It turned out to be every bit the romantic honeymoon the bride had hoped for, so it was a joyful adventure after all. 

This experience could have been a disaster, but I was determined to give the couple their happy ending. I closely monitored the airline’s availability, and eventually, I saw a cancellation and immediately lunged for the opportunity to book their seats. Only an experienced professional travel agent would go to those lengths, so to me, it is all in a day's work.  

I love my clients, and if miracles are needed, I am happy to pull them out of a hat. 

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