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Debbie Alkawas

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A Taste of the World by Sea

I love selling luxury cruises to my clients. They get on a boat, unpack once and see the world. And while the experience may not offer as much depth as one would encounter on a land excursion, it has other benefits.

For food and wine enthusiasts, many enjoy going to a destination for one day, for example, eating Italian food, then enjoying French cuisine the next day and Spanish fare the next. It is also not uncommon for travelers who use their cruise experience get a taste of a particular destination to go back for a more extended stay later on.  

There are different cruise lines, all with unique approaches. Crystal Cruises has ships which are the perfect size, and their level of personal attention does not exist in a mass-market environment. The food and service are both excellent, and the attentive service is like nothing you will encounter anywhere else. When you sit down at the dinner table, the waiter remembers which drink you had yesterday and brings you one without you even having to ask. 

Princess Cruises is a different category, but it is right for some. It is a mass-market ship, but for the price and class, it is perfect. The boats are huge, but at no time do you feel like one of thousands of passengers. When you go to dine, the buffet areas are spread out, so you are not even aware of the multitudes.  

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