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Simone Woodyear McElroy

New York, New York Travel Agent

Business Travel Services for World Travel

Creative professionals rely on Simone Woodyear McElroy and her team for business travel services that always exceed their expectations. With a focus on entertainment travel, Simone coordinates the most distinctive world travel experiences in the industry.

Her in-depth knowledge of New York City, London, and cosmopolitan cities around the globe make her the ultimate source for dynamic travel itineraries. Clients turn to Simone to find the latest hot spots and most luxurious accommodations.

Her outstanding intuition about travel and entertainment means she anticipates clients' needs before they know what they need. Patient and persistent, Simone confidently coordinates business travel arrangements nobody else can. She easily pivots and adjusts to the needs of each corporate traveler, planning amazing excursions that keep them coming back for more. 

Corporate travelers appreciate Simone's dedication and determination. She admits, “I truly enjoy working with them and there is a lot of interaction on a personal level.” From music tours to personal travel plans, Simone's well-cultivated industry relationships ensure her clients enjoy every moment of their world travel journeys. Top notch business travel services and personalized attention make Simone the only travel agent many executive travelers contact.

When travelers put their desires in Simone’s capable hands, she delivers fantastic experiences that can’t be duplicated by anyone else.

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