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Christy Danforth

New York, New York Travel Agent

Get More Out of a Destination with Cultural Travel

I am passionate about art, history and travel and love drawing on my expertise and experience to curate culture-focused journeys for my client. When travelers go on a trip that I plan, they can experience the destinations they visit not only through its famous sites but also through the historical influences that have shaped it and the art that has expressed the culture over time. 

Every destination is filled with wonderful cultural and artistic experiences. I love getting to know my clients’ interests and finding ways in which their passions intersect with the culture and art of each destination they visit.  

I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout my life, exploring the world through the lens of art and history.  With this experience, I can create fascinating art and cultural experiences for travelers seeking more out of a destination than a general overview.  

You’ll see, feel and taste the difference on a cultural tour that I plan. In addition to the bucket-list sites and museums on everyone’s list, I can also introduce you to hidden gems, delightful people and immersive activities that will deepen your experience and take you beyond the ordinary.   

Being a travel agent allows me to combine my love of art and history with experience-honed travel expertise to take your trips beyond the ordinary. Best of all, I will tailor everything to your interests and preferences to make your travel experiences fun, fascinating and as luxurious as you please. 

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