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Christy Danforth

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Engage Your Kids on a Family Culture Travel Trip

Many people think that children will be bored by museums. My experience tells me that is not true—especially if I am the one arranging your trip. My background has given me a deep knowledge of art and history, and I have exposed my children to both from a young age. However, you do not need a degree or background in art or history to get your kids excited about learning how the past and present are expressed through art and culture. My favorite thing is helping families enjoy extraordinary and enriching trips all over the world.  

As a mother, I have seen how much my children have benefited from travel. Sometimes, cities and countries that families would not usually think of as child-friendly destinations can be the most engaging and exciting. For example, our family learned about everyday life in Portugal when we took a cooking class in a private home.  

I’ve hired wonderful guides in museums who know how to engage and educate children of all ages with wonderful stories and legends about the works they are seeing, and even arranged art- and architecture-themed scavenger hunts through museums and cities. 

Families who experience rewarding moments while traveling together deepen their connection to the places they visit and create wonderful shared memories.  

Not every moment of a trip needs to be spent together. My children love to travel—and they also enjoy a good kids’ club. And I know that sometimes having some adult time is important for parents as well. Often, I plan trips that combine sightseeing with a stay at a resort where everyone can unwind, and parents can enjoy some adult time.   

Whether you want to visit Italy, France or another part of the world, I know how to make culture come to life. My children don’t want to listen to a guide rambling about the key dates and events of Westminster Abbey (nor do I). They would rather do something unique like learning how to make a special dessert in a French patisserie, how to make spaghetti from scratch using techniques that date back to the middle ages or how to fight like the gladiators of ancient Rome at the Colosseum

I’d love to help you plan a cultural family vacation with awesome experiences that you and your children will love and remember forever. 

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