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David Kaye

Los Angeles, California Travel Agent

Luxury Travel Expert

One trip at a time: my mission is to help nurture people's curiosity and passion to see the world. But I don't simply facilitate this, I improve each trip by creating experiences that evoke wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

From a young age, travel has fascinated me. Driven by a deep sense of curiosity, a passion to experience people, cultures, technology, history and nature grew into a hobby and then a career.

I found myself in Machu Picchu admiring an ancient hideaway paradise, then in Iguazu mesmerized by the most awesome waterfalls in the world. 

I have travelled to Sderot, Israel when rockets were literally falling on the city, to try bring joy to the residents. I floated on the dead sea, & trekked up Masada. I climbed up the Judean hills then flew First Class around the world.

I have seen and done things people only dream of. These experiences have given me the expertise to design high-quality itineraries, offer value and maximisation of time, while minimising effort. That's when I realized I wanted to be a travel agent.

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