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Tiffany Bowne

Beverly Hills, California Travel Agent

My Travel Agent Life

I don’t think that anyone plans to be a travel agent first and foremost. I believe that a good travel agent finds their way to this industry. Such was the case for me. I flourished in the entertainment industry as a talent representative and later, a personal assistant to some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Because much of this involved planning international travel and events for my clients, I soon discovered that I excelled at arranging travel.

 When I had my son, I realized that it was the perfect time to transition away from the entertainment industry and fully commit to the world of travel. I started working with a private concierge firm in Los Angeles managing similar types of client accounts, and later started my own travel agency. To this day, I still have high-profile clients, but I continue to expand my portfolio to clients who want to experience true high-end leisure travel or corporate clients who need my help arranging events and group bookings. 

I continue to travel the world, both to research new destinations for my clients and to get out in the world and experience it for myself! I will travel anywhere once, and this mindset has allowed me to reach the far-off locations around the globe. 

If you’re ready to venture off to your dream destination, contact me today. I look forward to getting to know you, your likes and your dislikes. This way, I can plan your ultimate unforgettable vacation.

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